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EC Woodworth specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom made kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and various other wooden cabinetry. EC Woodworth Pty is the result of two businesses merging to form a great pool of expertise in the woodworking industry. EC Woodworth provides customers with incredible options & easy access to excellent quality woodwork. Only top quality craftsmanship can be expected.

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We’ve Been Building and Renovating Kitchens Since 2006

Let’s start at the beginning, at the heart of it all. It started with Louisa Jansen’s decisions to head into the world of solid wood kitchen manufacturing and designing after nearly 10 years in the industry, as Louisa Wooden Designs cc. With only the basic tools she started to build kitchens in 1990. Through the years the company built an excellent reputation that speaks for itself. Most customers stay loyal and boast about the quality workmanship. The cupboards were manufactured in a unique way which in itself is a form of art.

During 1998, her husband Henk Jansen also joined this dynamic company. As the demand grew, new products were added to their production list. Doors, bars, office and study furniture, built-in cupboards, TV cabinets, coffee and dining room tables, vanities, wine racks, exclusive contract work and various other types of crafts all in solid wood. Thanks to top-quality workmanship, Louisa Wooden Designs cc. grew in leaps and bounds.

Near the beginning of 2001, a new demand emerged from builders and contractors for kitchens in melamine and built-in cupboards. This demand was met by EC Woodworth cc which was created by Emile Jansen in 2003.

This company also grew through loyal customers and hard work. By the end of 2006, it had already exceeded all expectations. With the help of a professional Computer-Aided Design software ( ARTICAD ) and 3D rendering, both companies benefited greatly and clients appreciated a realistic preview of their kitchens.

The two concepts of solid wood and melamine products combined together into one company appeared to be the way of the future. 30 Years of experience in the manufacturing industry leave behind a legendary set of footprints to follow for generations to come. It serves to be a true family business in the making.

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